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Anti-Bacteria is our standard offering for over 10 years

Compact Laminates

  • Bring added colour to outside spaces with compact laminates for use in all weathers
  • Light-fast finishes with durability and resilience to withstand years of outside use
  • A huge choice of solid colours, wood looks and mineral effects for a variety of spaces
  • Tough and easy to look after surfaces with Anti Bacterial protection for everyday use
  • Specially developed chemical resistant to shield surfaces from chemical attack
  • Made with EBC Acrylic Resins for resistance to chemicals, bases and solvents
  • Ideal for both horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Easy to assemble with no edging or adhesive needed
  • Innovative and highly advanced collection with superior print quality
  • Delivers single linear structure across more than one sheet without breakage of patterns
  • Beautiful solid surfaces with colour running throughout to give a pure finish
  • Easy to look after surfaces that hide scratches and bring Anti Bacterial protection
  • Solid coloured patters over the edges to add an extra edge of magnificence
  • Self-supporting properties with greater dimensional stability and flatness
  • Stratus collection offers complete surface solutions for your kitchen.
  • The entire range is available in various finishes and textures.