Chalk Grade Laminate
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Chalk Grade Laminate

Welcome to the home of the best chalk grade laminate sheets with a special surface for easy erasure of standard writing chalk. Greenlam chalk board laminates are made with high quality kraft papers that are impregnated with melamine resins and pressed over kraft paper core sheets impregnated with phenolic resin. An assembly of these papers is then placed in a press and bonded under high temperature and pressure. The finished sheets are trimmed and the backs sanded to facilitate bonding.

An ideal writing solution for various settings, such as offices, schools, homes, restaurants, sport or other training facilities, Greenlam chalk grade laminate sheets are manufactured to stand the test of time and lasts for long even under heavy usage. When you choose Greenlam, you get value for your money as our chalk board laminates require no special maintenance.

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Colours - Black & Green

Product Details

SKU IND1111112342
Product Category Chalk Grade
Design Name Chalk Grade
Finish Name Suede
Finish Code SUD
Thickness (mm) 1
Dimension (mm) 1220x2440 | 1300x3050
Dimension (ft) 4x8 | 4.25x10


No Ghost Effect
Smooth Writing