Antistatic Laminates
Antistatic Laminates

We all have experienced the effects of static electricity when clothes stick together, hair keep standing up, and of course, the lightening effect. But, do you know that static electricity is a serious industrial problem estimated to cause more than $5 billion in damages annually. Greenlam proudly presents Antistatic Laminates - a ground-breaking laminate solution that provides a safe and better environment for furniture or other surface applications in electrostatic high-risk areas. Inbuilt with a futuristic technology and electrostatic charges consumption formula, these laminates drain out static charges and minimise the risk of sparking or damage to sensitive appliances. Also they repel the dust particles from accumulating on the surface, thereby maintaining a clean and healthy workspace.

Product Details

SKU UK1111111956
categoria di prodotto Antistatic Laminates
Nome Antistatic Laminates
finire Gloss (GLS)
Finish Name Gloss
Finish Code GLS
Spessore (mm) 0.7
Dimensione (mm) 1220x2440


Stain Resistant