Fire Retardant
Fire Retardant

A result of extensive research and development, Greenlam Fire Retardant Laminates are safe, harmless, sturdy and come in exquisite designs and colours. They are treated with imported fire retardant chemicals that minimize smoke emission and delay the temperature rise, making it more resistant to fire and ill effects. The fire retardant chemical used is halogen free that eliminates the risk of toxic smoke. It's indeed a safe and recommended product for kitchens, cinema halls, malls etc., available in your choice of colour. Now you can, beautify your interiors, without compromising on safety.

Product Details

SKU UK1111111957
categoria di prodotto Fire Retardant
Nome Fire Retardant
finire Gloss (GLS)
Finish Name Gloss
Finish Code GLS
Spessore (mm) 0.7 to 1.5
Dimensione (mm) 915x2135 | 1220x2440 | 1300x3050 | 1525x3660


Abrasion Resistant
Crack Resistant
Scratch Resistant
Stain Resistant