Marker Grade
Anti-Bacteria is our standard offering for over 10 years
Marker Grade

The Marker board offers a surface perfect for markers suitable for schools, offices etc. These laminates turn spotless in a single wipe with no ghost effect and perform well for a long time, even at low maintenance. Greenlam Marker Board Laminate is made with decorative surface papers that are impregnated with melamine resins and pressed over kraft paper core sheets infused with phenolic resin. The melamine resin facilitates liquid chalk removal. Furthermore, it also has a special type of synthetic polymer which imparts excellent durability to surface with easy cleaning of dry erase marks or wet erase marks.

Colours - Square Grid & Plain White.

Product Details

SKU GAP1111112227
Product Category Marker Grade
Design Name Marker Grade
Finish Name Gloss
Finish Code GLS
Thickness (mm) 1
Dimension (mm) 1220x2440
Dimension (ft) 4x8


Anti Ageing
No Ghost Effect
Smooth Writing