Unicore Compact
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Unicore Compact

Greenlam Unicore is a world of high performance uni-coloured compact laminates made with multi-layered decorative papers. A world where you could feel the vibrancy of every colour through and through. A world of perfection and inspiration.

Available in Black & White.

Product Details

SKU NUSA1111112278
Product Category Unicore Compact
Design Name Unicore Compact
Finish Name Gloss
Finish Code GLS
Thickness (mm) 4 to 8
Dimension (mm) 1220x2440 | 1300x3050 | 1830x3660 | 1220x2440 | 1300x3050 | 1830x3660


Abrasion Resistant - Highly Durable
No Dark Edges